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All Identities are on a Spectrum

One person may identify as one thing but define it differently than someone with the same identity.

               These are general definitions, no one fits into a strict label or box. 




An acronym that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. This can also be written to include queer plus- LGBTQ+ or even more inclusively as LGBTQIA+. 


Women who are physically and/or romantically attracted to women 


Men who are physically and/or romantically attracted to men. Can also be used as an umbrella terms for the LGBTQ+ community.


People who are physically and/or romantically attracted to more than one gender 


People who are physically and/or romantically attracted to more than one gender and want to be clear in stating that there are more than two (bi) genders 


Once a pejorative term, it has now been reclaimed by many in the LGBTQ+ community. This can be used as an umbrella term for LGBTQ+ people and as an identity for people who do not identify as straight/cisgender but do not fully connect with another label. It should not be used casually by people outside the LGBTQ+ community. 

Transgender or Trans

A transgender person whose gender identity does not align to the gender they were assigned at birth.

Trans can an be used in the same way as transgender or as an umbrella term for gender-expansive identities such as non-binary.


A person who has not had gender confirmation surgery but may plan to do so 


A person who does not identify as a man or a woman. Similar terms include gender-queer and gender-fluid 


A person who is chromosomally not XX or XY (often seen as female or male chromosomes). Some intersex people have neither male or female reproductive organs and other may have only internal differences. Intersexuality is present from birth and is not a birth defect but simply a difference. They do not require surgery, as there is nothing wrong with their bodies, unless they decide that is what is right for them. 


A North American Indigenous term for LGBTQ+ people 


A person whose gender identity matches the gender they were assigned at birth. 

More Terminology


Medically transition

The wide array of options for gender confirmation through medical science- e.g. hormones, top or bottom surgery, etc. Transgender people do not ever need to medically transition to be fully trans. It is a personal choice that each individual and their providers decide. There is also no such thing as “the surgery” to deem someone as fully transitioned.


People who are not sexually attracted to anyone. 


People who are not romantically attracted to anyone 


A person who does not belong to the LGBTQ+ community but is actively engaged in listening to, fighting for, and protecting the LGBTQ+ people.


A person who needs emotional connection before they can experience physical attraction or desire 

Terms Not to Use

Terms NEVER to use:     Tranny,     Transexual,     Faggot,     Hermaphrodite,      Pansie,       etc. 


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