Welcome to MyTransOnline

Welcome to MyTransOnlineWelcome to MyTransOnlineWelcome to MyTransOnline

Our Services

Education, Consulting and Training for Organizations, Health Care Providers and Educational Institutions.

● Consulting services to companies and organization to implement transgender frameworks that create safe and affirming places for transgender individuals to work.

● Company specific Gender Certification by MyTransOnline based on best practices in employment, affirmation and providing goods and services to the community 

● Seminars, Classes and discussions given by highly skilled specialists and experts and people who live every day in this world.

● HR and employment assistance to connected transgender individuals with job openings that 

For Our Members

● Help in finding job opportunities for our members as we interact with various companies who are trusted partners, affirming, and in need of help.

● Provide consulting assistance to start companies, and act as an advocate to sell their goods and services.

● Seminars, support and guidance for transition needs.

● Provide a direct hotline to our teams to assist with advocacy issues and finding access to resources.

● Access to partnerships that we have cultivated and certified, along with processes for obtaining goods and services.