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Our Story

In 2018, our founding member, started the transition process and found that there was a gap between where the medical professionals left off, and where life as her authentic gender begins.

While there are support groups and non-profit organizations, most are local and separate from each other and there was no real communication among the various organizations.

She had questions like:

· Where do I find a good hairdresser who can help me, who I won’t feel embarrassed to go to?

· Where can I go to get wardrobe that looks good on me for work and other occasions?

· How do I use makeup to improve my appearance and blend in and not stick out?

· When and how do I tell a medical professional that I am transgender?

· When should I change my gender markers? And how do I do that? 

· Where will I find a job if my “other” life melts down while transitioning? 

· How do I come out to my employer, customers, job and preserve her livelihood?

· What about my family? How do I tell my family?

· What do I say to my employer? 

· Who is educating companies and others about our community?

Many questions are answered by cis-women easily, and learned from birth as she grows up. 

But when transitioning at an older age, she had a lot to learn in a short time period and found there was no one resource or place to go to find answers, or guidance.

Many of us are alone and isolated in our journey, and due to commitments, cannot always participate in meetings and events. In many cases, we still have stealth lives where fulltime transition may not be possible.

At the same time, she was lost in her own transition and looking for answers as to why she was this way, and found herself attempting to educate others who are cisgender as to what it means to be transgender. 

And then, there is the family dynamic that changes. How do you explain to them what is going on, and best how to support you? 

These experiences were inspiration for MyTransOnline. We want to provide help and guidance for people who identify as transgender, and partner with companies and organization to help. At the same time, we need to be advocate and good community citizens and help advance the goals of our community.