Welcome to MyTransOnline

Welcome to MyTransOnlineWelcome to MyTransOnlineWelcome to MyTransOnline

Who we Are

We are brothers, sisters, children, parents and grandparents who are everywhere in society.    We are your friends, neighbors and co-workers, and the people who are from all walks of life. 

About Us

Our Mission

MyTransonline seeks to improve the lives of transgender individuals through providing education, easy access to affirming resources, and serve as a support system through all stages of transition. We work with organizations and the general population to raise awareness of issues faced by the transgender community and seek to find solutions through educating companies on how to work with our community.  

For our companies, partners and Sponsors

● Provide training for companies to be aware of the special concerns, unique to transgender people.

● Assist companies and organizations with implementing gender frameworks that will allow for transgender people to feel safe and affirmed.

● Help companies and supporters implement programs and processes to assist in working with the transgender community as a whole. 

● Work with HR departments to hire and integrate transgender team members into their companies.

● Allow a forum for our partners to promote their services and products to the transgender community

● Help companies improve diversity and inclusivity.

For our Members

● Provide training and seminars to aid transgender individuals navigate life goals

● Connect transgender members with vetted safe access to products and services to aid in transition

● Assist in matching transgender individuals with companies whose policies have been identified as affirming and that support our community 

● Coach our transgender members in starting companies, learning business and obtaining services and suppliers 

● Build a list of professionals in the medical field who are affirming and work with our community members

● Connect our members to non-profit organizations and support groups

● Act as an advocate for our community for the advancement of equality for all 


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We are grateful for our partners